Sometimes thousands of rupees can’t save a man from being a victim of a lifelong disease and he was just a young boy. The last thing that his mother told before dying was, “be strong boy don’t let others see the flaws in you”. The orphan now looked for a home and a square meal. A half pants and a half-sleeved t-shirt were the only property bequeathed to him by his family. Though the winter in the town doesn’t allow such luxuries.

Weeping that entire night David forgot when he passed out. The next morning when he woke up he found out that he was lying at the step of the local church. He washed his face went in and saw that people were busy with all the decoration, as Christmas Eve was just a week away. Father Derozio walked up to him wrapped him in a blanket and asked him what his name was and what happened? Frightened and cold the 7 years old broke down into tears and told him his entire story about how his father left him, his younger sister and mother alone in misery and how he lost his family one by one. Father Derozio heard the entire story and told him he could stay in the church.

He offered him food and asked him to be a part of the new family, David was overjoyed. He immediately blends in with the people and the other kids. Father Derozio was happy to see that David was able to forget the past and mix in with the present.

Christmas spirit other fathers said, but only father Derozio felt that something was wrong. His suspicion confirmed when he saw David blood vomit the day before Christmas Eve. He asked David what was wrong and he said nothing. Father Derozio took him to the doctor the next day. The doctors gave him a few tests and told them to come back with the result.

The day was Christmas Eve everyone was happy as Santa clause was going to come that day and give them present. David was the one who was very excited as it was the first time he was going to get a present. That night father Derozio again found him vomit blood again. He at once went to him and asked him what was going on. That night David said before dying mother told me to be strong and not tell anyone about my flaws but father today I don’t feel so good, so I’ll tell you. I have blood cancer father. Saying this he started vomiting again. I didn’t want to cause any trouble to anyone here father. Taken aback father Derozio called for the other fathers and hugged little David and told him it’s ok to let people know if you are sick.

Father Jeremy immediately called for an ambulance. That night was a terrible night as his condition was only deteriorating. The ambulance arrived and father Derozio accompanied him holding his hand sitting by his side. David slowly murmured that out of these very few years that he has lived he never had happiness, he never knew what a family was or how it was to have a father. He said,” I know you are not my family, but what I learned is when you don’t have a family, you have to make a new one and actually that’s better because then you get to pick the people who will be your family. And you and the people of the church are the families I picked father. Thank you.”

Saying this David closed his eyes and somewhere in the distant a church bell rang to let people know that it was Christmas.


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