The Scientist

After many failed attempts David was finally successful in creating a poison so deadly that a single drop could kill an entire person. He was very proud of his own invention and was glad that he was able to carry out the orders of his seniors, just in time. It was nearly remarkable in the eyes of the other fellow scientists that how quickly one could create such a deadly vile of poison. It was the during the times of wars that he along with few other scientists were asked to create a poison so deadly that a single drop could kill an entire grown person.

After reporting to the major he came back to his lab and was dancing with joy and smiling, holding his own creation in his hand. How he wished his sister could see the progress he made since the time she went missing. After the death of both of his parents, his sister was the only one who took care of him and raised him. It was during a flee that he and his sister got separated. It was one of the policemen who found him, raised and trained him.

The major asked David to come with him to the ceremony where for the first time his poison would be tested on a living being. David was overjoyed as it was the first time he was invited to any ceremony where he would be surrounded by people of such high stands.

The next day David was dressed in his finest of clothes and was ready hours before the carriage was to arrive. The carriage arrived, picked up David and went straight to the place where the ceremony was taking place. It was a grand gathering under the open sky, filled with stars. In spite of the tension between the two countries, the ambassador of the neighboring country was also present. He looked at the major and asked him that how the plan was going to be executed under such high security. The major smiled and looked at him and said that it’s all been taken care of.

David was entirely unaware of the fact as to how the major planned to play his cards. It was just minutes when David had finally started to enjoy the party when he heard screams of women and immediately after that gun fires. A man who bumped into him said that a woman was poisoned to death and there had been an attempt to kill the ambassador of the neighboring nation in the chaos. The second part was not as good as the first part sounded to David. He smiled to himself in a devious way and crept in to see the face of his first victim. There were still gunfire’s as now the guards were answering back, however dangerous he was desperate to see who the first victim was, so he slowly crawled on the ground and reached the spot. The major and most of the others had taken shelter by then. Upon reaching there he turned the body to see his sister’s face.


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