The Rich & The Poor.

There was this bridge and it needed a huge toll

To join children with their dreams and goal

The rich made it through and the poor were left

In need of food, they take to theft

The places for the children were filled up only by the rich

And their parents thought how special they were

Instead of filing the breach

To us, as a human, it’s a great shame

To force the children to play this rich and poor game.


“Ma, yesterday you told me that the world is exactly how we want to see it.

But today at the park when I was playing in the sandbox a kid in nice dress came and started to play with me. I looked at him smiled and gave him my broken bucket to play with, but suddenly his mom came and threw my bucket away and said really bad words to me and started to look at me as if I was a thief or someone very bad.

Ma I looked at him in exactly the way you taught me with a smile and simple heart then why did his mom look at me in such a way?”

After hearing this Theodor’s mom couldn’t find a way to explain his 5 years old son the difference between the rich and the poor.


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