A Child’s View

I look at the sky, and then at the sea.

Father and mother, where can you be.

I searched for you my entire life.

But it seems you both like to hide.

My friends at school they beat me and taunt.

Others come in new dress, cycle and flaunt.

Why does grown-up say you live in the stars?

Isn’t that place a bit too far?

If you feel cold hold my hands.

We will talk and walk in this very land.

I wait for the day when you will come.

It’s already a long time hope I don’t get benumb.


Black Holes

The concept of black holes is best explained by the

  1. The theory of special relativity
  2. The theory of general relativity

Proposed by Albert Einstein, but the theory of special relativity was latter said to have weak points and was replaced by the theory of general relativity which dealt with the gravitational wave to explain the concept.

The major figure in understanding the black hole was Stephen Hawking.

What is a Black hole?

A black hole is a dense spherical object with size very less to mass. Due to high gravitational pull even light cannot escape a black hole (let G be the gravity r radius and k some constant and given relation G=k/r2 , so if r decreases the gravitational pull increases).

Till date no one knows exactly how a black hole is from the inside, there are only guesses with 2 output

  1. The inner effect: – which no one is sure of.
  2. The outer effect: – which is a known set of events that leads to a certain conclusion (conclusions formed by comparing with what we see) and based on that the inner effects are proposed (i.e. might be possible activities that are going on inside a black hole).

An important term that comes up here at this point is the event horizon.

The event horizon is a bright region on the extreme edge of the black hole where the light is trapped.

A new concept that has come to the horizon is the string theory, Sting theory describes things about the black hole which cannot be explained by the theory of relativity. The string theory for the time only explains what happens in the event horizon and not what’s going inside the black hole.

New technology that is being discussed by the scientist to explore more about what is there inside the black hole is the gravitational waves.

For more knowledge and reference on the black hole, the most popular referrals are written by Kip Throns, Stephen Hawking.



A Kill For A Kill.

“Ready, take aim.”


“Sir, sir, quick take cover we are under attack. Man down, I repeat man down send in the medics. Fort lockdown.”

“Another day another corrupt officer gone. Ok, tell me the way out Peter.”

“Rusty shot. Missed the sweet spot though.”

“Says the person who can’t even hold a gun.”

“Shut up dude I can do more damage from my room than you can do in a year’s work.”

“Then why do you need me?”

“Well someone out there needs to pull the trigger. Now shut up and listen the elevator is coming get in it and go to the 4th floor, from there take the stairs and go to the 1st-floor bathroom, you have the rope right.”


“Good, climb down the building from there.”

Dave and Peter were the two bounty hunters who worked for the cops. Whenever the cops needed someone of a high stature to be taken out, or some dirty job to be done they would hire this set of professional hacker and sniper. Dave had got 21 confirm kills till date and Peter had hacked some of the most secured buildings. The first mission they were put together went horribly wrong as neither had trust in each other. Then slowly with time they build in the faith and became the top of their kind.

“The next one don’t be so rusty.”

“Shut up and direct properly next time.”

They were talking to each other when suddenly the phone rang. It was officer Caffree he said that someone had hacked into their system and something strange is happening with all their machines. At once the duo rushed to the office to examine the scene.

Upon their arrival, Peter looked into the matter and within 2 mints and 10 sec declared that it was a Beatrix Cleo. A very high form of hack where the entire organization system is hacked and a route map is created in the form of a circular structure called tunnel and then penetrate and destroy or break down the entire system. Only very few people in the world knew about this.

“Can you hack it back?” asked officer Caffree.

“I created it. Wait I’ll just check the system and find out the center.”

After a few minutes and a lot of clicks, the center was located right next to the building. A small coffee shop. The police rushed in to find the culprit, but the shop was already empty by then. A short notice was left by the table saying.



“The river is great,

It’s water so cool,

O my merry man,

You are a fool

A revenge is left

And it will be served

A kid has grown

And your punishment is deserved”

No one could make sense from that except for David but he didn’t let anyone notice it right at that moment. David and Peter went to have their lunch and over there David said that

“Do you remember our first day together, we quarreled a lot that day, it was a cold night by the river Darling, one more thing happened that night which I didn’t tell you. That night I actually shot a wrong man at point blank, before I killed the actual target. The man was with his daughter and they both were laughing because of our quarrel I jumped ahead of time and pulled the trigger”

“What the hell man, what did you do? You never say that part to me.”

“I know. This poem is exactly what happened, I am scared now.”

“Ya world-class sniper now afraid of a small girl”

“Well the girl was smart enough to hack your created system and then run away from the crime scene”

“Ya, that’s a fact.”

That night David was scared for the first time but he didn’t let anyone notice that. He continued with his daily chores the next day. That entire day Peter was nowhere to be seen.

David locked himself inside and then remained there the entire day, “why provoke the killer if she’s after me”, he thought to himself. Later that night David received a letter, it had a bullet and a letter saying

“Come you or I come

It remains all the same

Your life is so funny

It’s such a shame

Let’s play a game

Of shoot on site

I’ll be the killer

So let’s see if you make through to the night”

David was never more scared in his entire life than this. He came out of the house and shouted “Who’s there? What do you want?” No replies came. David went back inside the house. Shut the door and waited for Peter to come.


Peter entered the house late at night and went to David’s room. David immediately explained to him what had happened and showed him the letter and the bullet that he received. Peter took a deep breath and then sat down on the chair. Laughing at David he pulled out his gun. David was more shocked than anyone. He asked “Wait, but why?”


Peter said “Remember that yesterday you told me about a man that had died, actually you killed him to be precise. That man was my sister’s husband you shot the man in cold and then what did you do, after that, ran, and didn’t even stop to take the little girl to a nearby shed or call an ambulance. The girl also died that night in the cold holding on to his dead father’s body. My sister also committed suicide after a few days of not being able to take the pain. Imagine a family finished just within a few days no investigations no question it’s all over before you know all because you had the license to kill and a gun from the police”

“Look, Peter, I am sorry, that was an accident and it all happened in the past. You don’t need to do this now.”

“Shut up. Just shut up. Do you even know how much I loved my sister after our parents died she did everything that she could to raise me and here you say it’s an accident? You know how many times I thought of killing you before this.”

“Then why didn’t you do so?”

“I needed a plan, couldn’t do something rusty that would backfire on me right. Took me long enough to figure, but I finally made it. I had my hunches long back that it was you and so I made up that cyber hack scene yesterday to confirm my suspicions and you played just like I thought.”

“What do you plan to do now?” asked David

“Well you see this gun has your prints all over it, and I sent a letter to the police stating that you asked to do that hack yesterday so that you could run some experiments on some people on the street and that if I did not help you, you would shoot me. Moreover, I am becoming old too also maybe it’s time I’ll join my sister and play with my niece up there. A kill for a kill right David.” saying that bang a loud sound came and Peter was lying on the ground in a pool of blood.


Punishment for murder.—whoever commits murder shall be punished with death, or [imprisonment for life], and shall also be liable to fine.

The Rich & The Poor.

There was this bridge and it needed a huge toll

To join children with their dreams and goal

The rich made it through and the poor were left

In need of food, they take to theft

The places for the children were filled up only by the rich

And their parents thought how special they were

Instead of filing the breach

To us, as a human, it’s a great shame

To force the children to play this rich and poor game.


“Ma, yesterday you told me that the world is exactly how we want to see it.

But today at the park when I was playing in the sandbox a kid in nice dress came and started to play with me. I looked at him smiled and gave him my broken bucket to play with, but suddenly his mom came and threw my bucket away and said really bad words to me and started to look at me as if I was a thief or someone very bad.

Ma I looked at him in exactly the way you taught me with a smile and simple heart then why did his mom look at me in such a way?”

After hearing this Theodor’s mom couldn’t find a way to explain his 5 years old son the difference between the rich and the poor.

The Gift

Thomas was thinking about the perfect gift for her widowed mother on her 75th birthday. It had been one year since Thomas was working in the USA. The days were slowly closing yet Thomas could not find the perfect gift in the whole of Manhattan. He roamed from shops to shops after his work and described how his mother was in a hope that, maybe the shopkeeper could suggest him some gift.

Back in India somewhere a scared and lonely old woman had found the courage to finally live alone with a set of workers who would come only for an hour or two every day. It was nearly a year now since Thomas left for the job in the USA. The bird that was caged by duties toward her husband and son was finally free now. But alas! Being caged for such a long time made her forget how exactly to fly and how the fresh wind feels when one flies in the open. The old bird now just somehow manages to live the days without emotions.

It was just useless he thought, nothing in the USA could give his mother the perfect blend of happiness and excitement. He all the more felt ashamed that from the recent workload he forgot how his mother exactly was. Phone and letters do not build that connection with your loved ones especially when you are away from home and made a lot of friends.

That day Thomas sat down and started to think what could be the perfect gift. Could it be a beautiful sari? Could it be a nice watch? He then started to picture his mother and slowly started to ride down in his memory lane. He remembered that how his mother used to complete his notes which he left at school when he was a young boy, how his mother forced him to joined every extracurricular activity just to see if he had any hidden talents, how she would use to sit by him every time during exam and tell him to read the text thoroughly. Some nights how she missed her own dinner so that he could have a morsel and how well she pretended to be ok every time she was sick. How she supported him when his father passed away and then finally made him the person who he is today. A teardrop rolled down his cheek and almost immediately he knew what the perfect gift for his mother was.

On the day of her mother birthday at an unusual time, the doorbell rang. Thomas’s mom was in between her regular prayers. The irregular yet distinct sound pattern made her heart young again. She thought to herself that could it be and rushed to open the door and to her surprise, she found Thomas with his suitcase hugging her tightly and whispering in her ears “a very happy birthday ma.”

The Scientist

After many failed attempts David was finally successful in creating a poison so deadly that a single drop could kill an entire person. He was very proud of his own invention and was glad that he was able to carry out the orders of his seniors, just in time. It was nearly remarkable in the eyes of the other fellow scientists that how quickly one could create such a deadly vile of poison. It was the during the times of wars that he along with few other scientists were asked to create a poison so deadly that a single drop could kill an entire grown person.

After reporting to the major he came back to his lab and was dancing with joy and smiling, holding his own creation in his hand. How he wished his sister could see the progress he made since the time she went missing. After the death of both of his parents, his sister was the only one who took care of him and raised him. It was during a flee that he and his sister got separated. It was one of the policemen who found him, raised and trained him.

The major asked David to come with him to the ceremony where for the first time his poison would be tested on a living being. David was overjoyed as it was the first time he was invited to any ceremony where he would be surrounded by people of such high stands.

The next day David was dressed in his finest of clothes and was ready hours before the carriage was to arrive. The carriage arrived, picked up David and went straight to the place where the ceremony was taking place. It was a grand gathering under the open sky, filled with stars. In spite of the tension between the two countries, the ambassador of the neighboring country was also present. He looked at the major and asked him that how the plan was going to be executed under such high security. The major smiled and looked at him and said that it’s all been taken care of.

David was entirely unaware of the fact as to how the major planned to play his cards. It was just minutes when David had finally started to enjoy the party when he heard screams of women and immediately after that gun fires. A man who bumped into him said that a woman was poisoned to death and there had been an attempt to kill the ambassador of the neighboring nation in the chaos. The second part was not as good as the first part sounded to David. He smiled to himself in a devious way and crept in to see the face of his first victim. There were still gunfire’s as now the guards were answering back, however dangerous he was desperate to see who the first victim was, so he slowly crawled on the ground and reached the spot. The major and most of the others had taken shelter by then. Upon reaching there he turned the body to see his sister’s face.


Sometimes thousands of rupees can’t save a man from being a victim of a lifelong disease and he was just a young boy. The last thing that his mother told before dying was, “be strong boy don’t let others see the flaws in you”. The orphan now looked for a home and a square meal. A half pants and a half-sleeved t-shirt were the only property bequeathed to him by his family. Though the winter in the town doesn’t allow such luxuries.

Weeping that entire night David forgot when he passed out. The next morning when he woke up he found out that he was lying at the step of the local church. He washed his face went in and saw that people were busy with all the decoration, as Christmas Eve was just a week away. Father Derozio walked up to him wrapped him in a blanket and asked him what his name was and what happened? Frightened and cold the 7 years old broke down into tears and told him his entire story about how his father left him, his younger sister and mother alone in misery and how he lost his family one by one. Father Derozio heard the entire story and told him he could stay in the church.

He offered him food and asked him to be a part of the new family, David was overjoyed. He immediately blends in with the people and the other kids. Father Derozio was happy to see that David was able to forget the past and mix in with the present.

Christmas spirit other fathers said, but only father Derozio felt that something was wrong. His suspicion confirmed when he saw David blood vomit the day before Christmas Eve. He asked David what was wrong and he said nothing. Father Derozio took him to the doctor the next day. The doctors gave him a few tests and told them to come back with the result.

The day was Christmas Eve everyone was happy as Santa clause was going to come that day and give them present. David was the one who was very excited as it was the first time he was going to get a present. That night father Derozio again found him vomit blood again. He at once went to him and asked him what was going on. That night David said before dying mother told me to be strong and not tell anyone about my flaws but father today I don’t feel so good, so I’ll tell you. I have blood cancer father. Saying this he started vomiting again. I didn’t want to cause any trouble to anyone here father. Taken aback father Derozio called for the other fathers and hugged little David and told him it’s ok to let people know if you are sick.

Father Jeremy immediately called for an ambulance. That night was a terrible night as his condition was only deteriorating. The ambulance arrived and father Derozio accompanied him holding his hand sitting by his side. David slowly murmured that out of these very few years that he has lived he never had happiness, he never knew what a family was or how it was to have a father. He said,” I know you are not my family, but what I learned is when you don’t have a family, you have to make a new one and actually that’s better because then you get to pick the people who will be your family. And you and the people of the church are the families I picked father. Thank you.”

Saying this David closed his eyes and somewhere in the distant a church bell rang to let people know that it was Christmas.